BMP logo prints in Pieces

Hey Guys,
New to SambaPOS

I’m having trouble getting the logo to print correctly via SambaPOS.
It prints right through the same printer when I print through Paint on the POS.
But when it is printed it is much smaller when I print through paint.

It is a thermal printer and I have saved the image correctly and everything (as BMP).
This is a new printer a 58mm 4pos, South African Brand.

Could you guys possibly assist coz their support is not clued up, it has the correct driver installed and everything.

Thanks in Advance

Looks like print head needs cleaning.

I would say its skipping lines.
The logo lines up between the gap so its not missing bits but spacing the sections.
Check your character count although doubt thats it.
Make sure your image is only as big as it needs to be.
Looking at the lines of the text, unless you have changed template I would have expected those lines to be sequential without the linespace between date/time and between orders.

You would be good to share your template and show a screenshot of the printer setup inside samba. Posibly also the windows printer setup.

It is a brand new printer tho

I’m just guessing. I’ve seen that when a piece of packing wrap stuck to thermal head. But I doubt that’s it

I kept the same template just decreased the character count and spacing for everything to fit correctly on the 58mm print. Going to share the template and images now just gathering it real quick.

-- General layout
<BMP>C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\logo-1.bmp
<J00>Date:{TICKET DATE} | Time:{TIME}
<C5>T H A N K   Y O U!
<C5>Gratuity: _____________________
<C5>Total: ________________________
<Cxy>Tel: 010 595 0255



-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}`Preformatted text`

1st image is when i print from paint landscape and portrait
2nd image is the printer
3rd is the printer job

I’d say it’s because your using the image file on the receipt template

I had a similar issue when I first did that and it printed really slow. You need to store the image in the printer and use the printer driver to print the image at the top of each page.

At least that’s what I did with my Epson thermal printer, storing the image in the printer allows it to print it much faster and better quality

Those cheap 58mm printers are pretty poor, not sure if the ones i had had an image buffer it could be loaded into.

Use nv image tool to upload logo to printer memory and use this code to print your logo.

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Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it.

How do I go about to store the image in the printer itself if I would to do that? RickH

Emre, What is the nv image tool, I am still new to SambaPOS and these things.

Thanks again.

It’s.nothing to do with samba, a quality printer will have built in memory and a program to config including upload imahes directly to the printer.
Loading the images to the printer and triggering their printing via code (like kickdrawer) from samba is much faster and usually better quality.
If you have 58mm I would guess it’s a cheapy China model and may not have the memory, don’t thing the cheap ones I had before did.

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Understood, i spoke to the printer suppliers and they said it does not have built in memory. So I’m going to return the product and say it is a “POS” (different meaning this time) and just buy another Epson printer which works great at our other Point of Sale on Samba. Thanks for the prompt response to each of you, its really appreciated.


Or a cheap brand 80mm printer will also be fine. It’s not necessary to pay for Epson to get a decent quality printer.

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Which printers to you use Mark? Do you get those cheap ones from ebay or do you have a supplier you get all you hardware from?

I get the epson look alike clones on eBay for between £60-70, they are that quick I’ve not bothered loading to memory, they print a correctly resizes and low bit BMP as quick as text

so do you use the bmp tag with image path in the receipt template?

is it these ones you get?

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Lol, exact one I sent a link to someone the other day.
Just make sure they send the model pictured, I ordered some a while back and received a different model which tried before and didn’t like as much, that type there which looks just like epsons I’ve had great success with and they have tripple ports so good all rounter for both local and network setup.