Boot Loop in pink screen [Solved in Post 2]

Hey guys,

One of my pc’s, a windows 10 machine has decided to go into the perpetual Pink loading screen with SambaPOS4.182

I then uninstalled sambapos, deleted all leftover files, restarted pc and the re-installed ver4 with a sample DB and Server 12. But still it only loads constantly.

It has been loading for 30min no change. I assume it is a windows fault.

Where should I look to fix this?

SOLVED: my windows 10 maximized the data string dialog box, you can not tell if the dialog box is up and on another pane, by only looking at the pink screen, it still says loading, so looks like a loading fault.

So always press “task view” to view dialog box if you can not see it! Simple but had me fooled for at least an hour.

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