Broadcast message issues

Having some issues with broadcast message…
Have two machines the message is being received and rule triggered on the server machine but is the message from server to terminal machine is not sending/triggering

Show your setup. Also you have all terminals hooked to the single message server right?



Broadcast Message;

Message Received;

As I said, manually triggering the script on the terminal troggers the popup on the server but running the script on the server doesnt trigger popup on the terminal.
Currently its set to trigger on Script Run however will be not equals so triggers if any issues.

Have you opened Inbound port 8383 in the Windows Firewall for both machines?

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Arrr, might be it, the terminal is my desktop which was previously using 8080 so think that might be the issue :slight_smile:

@QMcKay no guessing thats not it LOL;