Buffet restuarant

I don’t know that Sambapos can Manage for buffet restaurant and custom time ?
please help me!

Could you give us more details on the workflow of your restaurant? Whats important for your buffet restaurant?

I will set a time for eating on my restaurant buffet 2 hours one person
After two hours, increase the timeout status

This can mean anything…

You will need to share more details, for you it might sound like a clear idea but for us here that can help or prepare the automation for you, you will need to be clearer and straight forward with what you want.

So a person comes in an pays amount in $$ to eat for 2 hours. After two hours the time out status increases what exactly? They have to pay more per hour, per minute? They pay for another 2 hours?

Yes They have to pay 20$ per two hour

I want to nkow sambapos can do?

Yes, SambaPOS has product timers

how to use product timers bro ?

You can find more details here ;


Thank you very much sir