Bug - Error - System closing

Dear all,

When I launch ticket research I very often get an error message that says " Error while accessing data base check Wifi connexion". The system offers me two option “Retry” or “Cancel”. Whatever i choose I then have the below message and then Samba freeze and disconnect.

Could you please help?

Samba doesn’t have access to users folders, you either need to allow access or install samba directly into c:/

Hello Rick,
Thank you for answering.
Samba was installed back in Novembre 2019 and to me it is in c:/

How do I check if samba has acces to users folders please?

Reinstal may hrll alone, beleive a prompt to push permissions was added.

Any chance you have Avast Anti-Virus installed? You should whitelist SambaPOS in Avast

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Hello Rick. Thank you! I moved the back up files directly in C it seems to work better.

It’s still slow but it does not bug and sign off. thank you

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Hi, No I don’t have avast installed.
I moved the back up file tho, it doesnt freeze and sign off anymore but it still very slow to aswer.
Thank you

Hello Every one,
Could someone please help!

I was facing the same issues again and I tried to change the backup file.
But now I have lost ALL of My datas. Everything has been wiped.

Can someone please help me?

And now it refuses to activate the license

There is nothing in the path

Nothing there because it doesn’t have access to that folder.

Try starting sambapos as admin. The user you are using in windows is probably causing issues.

Thank you very much Jesse for answering!

When it happened I was ejected from Samba, I tried to logged back in but it did not work - I changed my access code a few months ago. I tried the old one and it worked. But i can’t activate the licence anymore and even tho I closed a period just this morning but now I have this: see the 500 days…

Is there a way to find out where the database is saved.
Everyday when i close the period I receive confirmation of a back up database created but now i can’t find it anywhere.

You can find them in settings and then database backups.

Here is tha indicated path but then there is nothing in the fold after Jan 2021

Jesse, I think I found the issue. I think that the training mode have been activated. See below screen:

However, when i go to Database tools, it does not appear to be activated.

Can i just change the Data connection String? Or is there something that I should do first to disable the training mode

Yes, in Local Settings->Edit Connection you can change the database name. Then restart and you will be back in your production db.

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Don’t clear database transactions unless actually needed. It has nothing to do with “making samba [sic] work faster”. SambaPOS works just fine and is snappy with years and years of transaction history.

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