BUG - Use Plain Sum excludes order tag prices

Hi @Jesse

I just found a bug with calculation option “Use Plain Sum” after my client report a small discrepancy in cents.
Their use case is that they use a delivery company that takes 15% commission.

So I have two rules:

  1. New Order Added Rule
    • Adds calculation if delivery entity is not null
  2. Ticket Total Changed Rule
    • Refreshes calculation if delivery entity is not null

In the calculation type I selected Use Plain Sum because commission is calculated on the ticket amount before tax or any other calculations (discounts, promos etc.) they provide to their customers.

However, with the User Plain Sum option enabled, when you add an order tag that has a price, calculation seems to exclude order tag prices entirely even though the Total Amount has changed.

Though discrepancy is small, over time this becomes a huge issue as it adds up.

Bug - Use Plain Sum

@Posflow are you saying the calculation is not updating?
Check how autoselwct effects.
Sounds si.ilar to an issue I had with a locals discount system for which came up with a slightly round about way.
Experiment a little, from memory the issue was less that calculation wasn’t happening but more that the screen wasn’t corectly refreshing and closing ticket or triggering refresh in some way made it show correct.
If this makes sence might be able to help you work arround the issue.

It is the same set of rules and actions , just the calculation option Use Plain Sum is True/False.

When its True, it for some reason excludes part of ticket total that is made of order tag prices. If that makes sense…

It’s working as it was designed. It’s supposed to ignore those. Many people use them as discounts etc.

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For what you want you would need to use custom calculation.

Oh I see. How do you use custom calculation? Ive seen the option it but I am not sure how it works