Bug with Merged Printing where Adjust Order Price Promo Discount Tags Calculated Wrong

Same, but doesnt return combo tag value, related posibly?

I havnt tweaked that template for this promo. I can do that. I only tweaked it for Kitchen. That is literally my template before I implemented combos… Or else It would look more like image
but with prices.

Out of interest, how come the you saved doesnt match the combo discounts? should it?
Is half.

Something is wrong with how it calculates quantity if I do 2. I will fix that thanks. Its probably because the expression is hard coded I didnt think to add qty.

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For my case I will not want it merged. So I may not change it and just turn merging off. I dunno i might change it… I might just remove that part who knows.


Back on topic. What do you recon? Something defiantly not right.
Emre mentioned promo tagged items wouldn’t merge on screen but would on ticket, think something askew in template, its allowing them to merge but not calculating multiples of the discount.

Used GROUP SUM for that

Group sum applies to your combo but not mine as use groups for courses.

{ORDER TAG TOTAL} displays a value…, however only for 1x


Which corresponds with the incorrect order total amount


What does it show if you use TOTAL PRICE? Instead of TOTAL AMOUNT?

Yes ok so something is wrong… hmm

Ok so TOTAL AMOUNT works for me.

Discount of 1.58 9.72 - 1.58 = 8.20


Its specific to the promo tags;


No because they are negative or because they are merged,


Doesnt for me;


3 coffee, 3.50 each, would be 11.50, should be 3x-3.50 discount, but only deducts 1x-3.50

I think something is messed up in your selector.

My test on a manual free tag on two guinea fowl, merged and tag with total amount is correct.

I should say I am not using Order Selector or Group Selector. I am using the Select Order action.



Are you ringing in as 2x?
If i change quantity and merge onscreen its fine;

As sugested earlier its something to do with the print template merging.