Bug with Merged Printing where Adjust Order Price Promo Discount Tags Calculated Wrong


Yes I chose 2 then pressed each one.

My setup wont merge because I am using a Group Key. I think… let me try.

So its specific to the template rendering, merging what shouldnt be merged.

But template is merging things that should be mergable, identical orders with identical tags. These should be mergable, unless you want mile long receipts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah even with Merge Lines it wont merge mine.


Not merging prevents the issue on print, we already agreed that but do we agree there is an issue with merging on adjust order price action taged orders?

It appears to be yes.

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I tested it another way it still wont merge mine but thats probably because of the group key.


Ok, will see if I can move the replies relating to this rather than origional topic to a new bug topic.
Should I be able to do or is that admin over moderator ability?

Try it and see :stuck_out_tongue: I bet you can.

Do you have that wrench?

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@VehbiEmiroglu we have identified what seems to be a bug in templates where orders with discount tags set by adjust order price promo action is calculated incorrectly when merged.
The merged orders would usually be merged when enabled on template as order and tags are identical however it seems to merge but only calculate with a single discount tag.
Checked against other tags positive and negative and seems to be specific to the tags created by this action.
Possibly related but no tag total/price expressions return a value other than the total for all order tags which only shows single value where should be multiple of the tag value.
Orders added as multiples are calculated correctly so believe it’s specific to printer template merging of these specific tags.
Emre mentioned in another topic that promo discounted orders wouldn’t merge on screen on ticket close but would merge on print.
While I understand some things shouldn’t be merged however given identical orders and tags they should be mergable hence why template is trying to.
Preventing merging does bypass the issue but tickets are already getting long and it would make sense to merge where viable.


Got there in the end, little trickier from mobile but did it :slight_smile:

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Ok i’m got this. Thanks for reporting

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Any luck? Have you been able to reproduce?