Bulk Inventory Items import


Dear All,

i’m new here , but i’m doing will as start , actually i’m using Sambapos V4

i’m searching for any useful way to import inventory items from an excel file to the database , as i have more than 400 inventory item for a restaurant single menu

i’m trying to use SQL Management Studio

any useful ideas ?

thanks in advance


Have a look here.

It might me a tall orderder for a newbie. Definatly test/learn on test DB, dont use you live DB.


Thanks Joe ,
After reading this post you attached , I checked it before , as I understood this method is for 1:1 product : inventory ( relation )

And as I’m developing inventory solution for a resturant I have more than 400 inventory item and recipes combined from the inventory items

And as I checked in the post , the php file that is used to import CVS file is only allowing direct inventory item name for a product , as I said 1:1

I was thinking using SQL Managment sutdio to open database and insert my inventory items there


Recipes would be complex I expect, if it’s just the items ready to create recipes within samba it might be achiveable


Yes it is achivable by samba , now I’m seeking to import the inventory items “some how” , the method you attach in link will not help for the current situation cause it seems that is only importing one inventory item for each product , if some one familiar with SQL database Managment sutdio can show me how I can edit inventory tables from there so I can import directly the 400 items


Buy the time you have waited for an answer and messed arround testing you could have just added the 400 inventory items :stuck_out_tongue:


In v5 you can use YAML to import but your using v4 so that’s a shame. There is no real easy way.