Bulk Select Inventory Item

Is there an easier way to do recipes with an item that is used for all of a group product.

For example, all of my main courses come with potatoes, carrots, green beans and a side salad.

Instead of entering all of these items for every main course is there a way to enter a single inventory item whereby it will reduce the stock of all the above mentioned items?



You can create a product called Side Salad, create a recipe for it and map this product to an order tag. When you automatically tag these products with Side Salad order tag it will decrease these inventory items.

You can find a similar discussion here.

PS: I’m working for a new V5 recipe feature atm that will work like Recipe in Recipe request.


Not sure what I am doing wrong but I can not get this to work.

Have created a product called side salad
have created a recipe for this to reduce lettuce, grated carrot etc
Have created an order tag called side salad (not sure what order tag list should be and also what to map this to)
have checked auto select on product properties and also side salad in order tag

Do you know what I am missing?

If this issue will be made easier in Version 5 then don’t worry as I will be upgrading to this soon



If you’ll upgrade I’ll release sub recipe feature with next V5 update. We’re testing it atm.

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Will upgrade ASAP. Only reason I havent yet is because my antivirus softare total 360 says there is a Trojan in the exe file. Anybody else had this problem?

This is latest virus report for V5 setup file.


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