Button Colours not updating

Good Morning all,
I’m having an issue getting auto refreshing button colours to work. Things such as entity colours don’t work.

When somebody sits at a table and a new ticket is placed, the table should go red, and it doesn’t. It stays a horrible grey colour. As per the post at the bottom of this thread, I have followed the steps provided. I have (always did have) the message server working, and a green “Connected” in the bottom corner.

I’m using version 4.1.82 with SQL Express.

Can anyone help me understand why the buttons aren’t changing colours?


You made a configuration mistake with States. We can’t tell you what your mistake is without knowing what you have changed. By default on install color changes work.

You are not explaining some important info. Are you using two terminals or one? Is it not working on both? What did you change in rules or states?

Hi Kendash,
I’m unaware what information you need. I am currently using one terminal, but there will be several terminals when the system goes live.

As far as I’m aware, I have not changed anything in states or rules. Please See Attached.


I have just setup a second till and the colours do not work on there either.

Your screenshots are missing the important part :stuck_out_tongue:
Which is the perimeters within the actions for changing entity states.
Repost screenshots of any rules which contain an update entity state action BUT extend the action to show the settings within.

@Bryn_Moorhouse I changed the topic to question because this is a configuration question, not a Sambapos issue. Sambapos on default install changes color just fine so we need to find out what you changed.

PS you said you did not change anything yet in screenshot you did change color of available State. Somewhere you have changed something else.

@Jesse Maybe, but this is an issue I am having with the software, so I changed it back. For me a question would be, “Can it do this” as opposed to, “it should do this, but isn’t”.

Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever been in the rules menu.

Please read forum guidelines for how to use Issue category.

Is that what you’re after?

There are more rules that affect entity than that one. You changed something we don’t know what you changed and if you don’t remember then show all rules that deal with states and expand the actions maybe we can spot it.

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