Button for change status FOREVER (until Settle) if at table there are beautiful people!

I following this tutorial http://forum.sambapos.com/t/button-to-change-entity-state/, but nothing.

Because I need a button that change color of the table when pressed and forever. Also if i add or remove things.

Now, instead, (after that tutorial) if I click the button the color of the table change, but when i click “Close” button the color of the table back to red, the color I have for the state “New Orders”.

How to fix forever the color of the table until Settle?

By default table’s entity states works with ticket’s Status state. If it becomes Unpaid Entity State becomes Occupied (displayed as orange color) and if ticket state becomes ‘Paid’ Entity’s state becomes ‘Available’ (white color). These all controlled by rules so you can easily change it as you want but you can also break whole automation if you change them without knowing what you are doing.

Maybe using Entity Notes feature is a better idea.

Entity notes is not for my problem.

I need onyla change of colour of the table until settle. Can you tell me how and then mark this post as tutorial? (Many people need this basic feature).

Thanks a lot.