Button to show specific entity screen

ok sorry if its obvious but i am trying to make a button on ticket screen (i have no tables)
to go directly to ticket lister entity or lets say customer tickets rather than clicking select customer and then going there.
what rule and action would i have to set?

or better yet, i remember once i was playing with the settings and i think ticket lister or something of that sort, i got it to appear on the ticket screen. is it possible do this on the same screen.

We talked about it here.

@emre @johnS how about the ticket lister being able to be viewed without leaving the ticket screen? is it possible or no?
if not its not a big deal but would be better in my case.

ok, @emre i have somewhat been able to get display ticket list action working but there is a problem.

  1. i put the state paid and it lists alot but they try to squeeze in and become too small.

  2. does it take multiple parameters in state?

  3. and is there a way you can make it take an expression like in ticket lister to view only todays tickets or in the past few hours?

this would be an amazing way to easily open previous tickets because we sometimes give 35 mins to complete an order and have to look at previous paid tickets/ unpaid tickets


  1. You can see this post to limit tickets to todays date Ticket Lister Widget issue
  2. Yes. You can type comma separated states.
  3. I’ll check if it is possible to limit tickets within a time frame.

These days switching to a specific entity screen is requested a lot so I’m planning to release a specific action for this on next release.

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Thank you for your reply,
I used that expression in the ticket lester but i just want to know where in the display ticket list action would i put the expression , not the ticket lister. Sorry if it was confusing. Also can you make it scrollable (the display ticket list not lister, the one that is similar to when you use ticket tag and displays in the ticket screen)

Oh OK… We have lot’s of ways to display tickets and that becomes confusing :slight_smile: That action does not support such functions but I’ll check if we can do something for it.

thanks you so much for understanding.
in my opinion this is alot more elegant than the ticket lister and more convenient.
also it can be mapped to automation command