Buttons inside buttons

On our club bar till we have a main button called subs inside this we have various other buttons with one being match fees. How can i when this is pressed to then be able to choose who’s match fees they are eg. First team, second team etc.

Probably set up as one product of match fees,you can either clone this product and rename to first team match fees, second team match fees, etc. then add these new products to your menu; or add order tags to the existing product of match fees - these again could be first team, second team, etc. and map this new order tag group to match fees. (Using Order Tags as Product Modifiers)

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Show a screenshot of what your referring to so we can tell exactly what your referring to.

Hi Joe till is at club and I am at home. Opening bar up later this afternoon and will take some pictures then.

Set order tags and then go to menu settings and set that project to auto select then when you select that product the order tags automatically pop up.

screen shots of our till and second one shows match fee which I need to break down into the different teams so it shows up on reports. Yesterday we had 1st and second team match fees handed in so it would be easier to have each identified on the report.

Yer, its just a product so either order tag or portion could work easily from what you have said.
You’ll probably want to couple it with autoselect on the menuitem.

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So if I did this would it then have all the teams pop up and you pick the one you want.

Its not a common scenario so not 100% on your intentions/what your expecting.
If you wanted more than just 1st/2nd team then order tags would probably be better route.

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as you can see on the report it just says match fee and I want to identify which teams match fees they are.

Use order tags and set them to auto select. It’s really that simple. You can report on the order tags.

Yer, order tags but you would need to add a report for that.
It would still show a single product in that list but you could add a match fees breakdown either in another table or separate report.

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