Buy 1 get 3 free

Hello all, Can you tell me How to configuration automatic buy 1 get 3 free and quantity of item free, please see at the sample picture

Hello @odai,

You can have a look at below source to get an idea;

I think this is not @odai looking for. He might want to buy A and get B, C, D as free gifts.

Es como indica Nizam. Lee un poco más.

Sorry, can you show me where by screenshots? I’ve read the article few times, and still see nothing.

For now I don’t have any PC with Windows at hand. But if you’ve done everything the tutorial says, you probably haven’t created the order tag named promotion. It is something that the tutorial does not tell you. Try creating the order tag.

Sorry, @Nizam I might want to setup function buy A and get other products B,C,D as free gift

Do you have a way to set up this function?
Exemple: buy “Johnny double black”
get: “soda: 3”, “pesi: 3”, “water: 3” as free gifts automatic

Do you mean Like combo?