Buy 2 get 1 free

I want to give gift same item every buy 2 or multiple 2

Ok, and how are you ringing them in?
If you want to ring in 9 x whatevers and it make 3 of them free you would be better looking at discounts.
If your barcoding / ringing item by item you could automate making every 3rd one a gift order.

I remove gift button, and not give permit discount. So all set by promotion like conventional POS. That can make quantity x get Y

He is not saying use gift button. You would automate a discount.

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You removed the button but the actions/states are still available for automation from rules.
Just cause you turn your computer monitor off doesnt mean nothing is happening… button is just a trigger for the rule/automation. rules/automation can be routed and triggered in so many ways, in this case most likely an order added rule.

Using calculation (discount) would be most flexible way…

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