Buy 2 get 1 free

Any solution for promotion every buy 2 items get free 1 item. If buy 4 get 2 free and so on with every multiple 2.
I have to search but still no get way to make it

Refer to below

If buy 1 get 2. Its solved,
But if buy every 2 item, the constraint not working. This my problem?

You can take a look at:

I took a lot of brainstorming but at the end it worked… I used it a lot…


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i use this
[=TN('{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Citato}') % 2] equal 0

But at first 2 item order will give automatically 1 free, but after that i add 1 item will give 1 free
so how to solved it?

and its not work like this

What are you expecting this to evaluate to? [=TN('{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Citato}') % 2]

i want make promotion buy 2 get 1 free. but i follow this but not solved

You followed just a single portion of that discussion. There are several ideas to try inside that discussion. If you read down further we discuss the exact issue your having now.

yes, i try it, but still not solved it, any solution?

I dont think that you follow that exactly, but as I remember, there is a magical formula that if adapted will have the same effect… at least I used it with different scenarios and it worked.

but… you will have to adapt…


can you give me example again, please

all the examples are in the post I gave you…


i Use this rule, still not solve

So I used 3 rules… to get it to work correctly…

  1. Your rule.
  2. The first {QUANTITY} rule
  3. Second {QUANTITY} rule

first quantity rule resets price back to 4.00 for each beer with any use of X(quanity)+Item

2nd quantity rule specifically sets price to 10.00 if 3(Quantity)+ item is used.

Cool thing is… buy 2 beers using quantity key… then buy 1 beer and look at the 1 beer price

You will have to adapt it to your own needs. Your needs are different than his. His exact solution may not work for you. Experiment with the ideas in that discussion.


I still no idea to make it. Anybody help me
buy >2 get 1
buy >4 get 2
buy >6 get 3

Is it mixed products or just the one?

Firstly Just one product

Helped someone with this a while ago…
They were doing on cans.

Set an order state on order adding the products in the offer so you can report on that.
Use report/ticket order count and set to ODI=True and state = the state set.
This will give you a count.
Cant find the topic I was referring to but you would need to do a little math to get a qty of free ones.
Something like divided by two rounded down so 1=0.5=0, 2=1=1, 3=1.5=1, 4=2, 5=2.5=2
Then set a discount to be that number times the price of one of the products.

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I still not solved it.
If we can exclude free item from total item of product we make promo.
How to exclude free item from count

That would mess up your item sales figures.
You either want to gift, change price or add discount calculation.