Buying License V5


I have been trying to buy a licence for V5 for a few times now but it is for me a this moment not possible to finalise the payment. First time I tried via the POS with creditcard I get redirected to a Turkish login or bank with all kind of features I can not provide with my EU card.

Afterwards I saw that it was possible with paypal but could not find anything at the payment instructions. And if I continue with a creditcard on I get a 404 error page. There it also mentions that it is a annual payment of USD 99.

Please let met know how I can pay for the license as I changed everything to V5 today because today was closed and tomorrow I would like to start with V5.

Waiting for your soonest reply.


Don’t think paypal is available for Turkey anymore go is just card.
I believe there have been a few teething issues with new payment system since loosing paypal.
Im sure @emre can notify the respective admins to rectify the issue asap.

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Hello Jimmy this is a mysterious issue between us and our cc processor and we couldn’t explain it properly as we have no idea what is happening there and can’t reproduce it on our tests. If possible can you try again and send us the screen shot of that login like page? That will really help us to solve it asap.


Hi, how can I buy sambaPOS V5 directly, I cant signup on

I dont want to be a reseller but just want to buy it for my use
Must I buy it from resellers or is there a way I buy directly. I think there should be an option for directly buying sambapos v5 directly

I have tryed to buy a licence too, but no success! Why we cannot buy easily from your site and pay with credit Card?

How much it is v5. Licence?


You must buy from a reseller. Contact a reseller in your area. If you can’t find one I am a reseller in the USA but I could probably help you if all you need is a license.

We find you on Your company name please

I am uk reseller and offer just licence on it’s own on my website which accepts PayPal.
SambaPOS licences are $249 USD (equivilent £179 GBP on my site).
JTR Solutions I am listed as although the link goes to my old general site rather than my POS store site above.

My company name is JP Solutions and I am not listed on there. You can contact me via or PM me here. But as JTR Said license price is $249. If you need setup help I charge $500 for basic setup and advanced setups can be negotiated for a price.

Thanks, and the USD 99, is it an annual subscription or, and is anyone offering it on their websites

99usd was the origional sale price, 249 is the current retail price.
That is the outright licence for the database.
Unlimited terminals so long as they are on a single DB/system
I sell V5 licence as a stand alone purchase for self admin system on my site at

The $99 price has ended. The price is now $249.

Thanks, just bought successfully

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OMG…an increase of $150…i mean…the price should increase like in a logic way…is there something new??? new modules? or…why that much ?? i know that is it not up to you @Jesse but…OMG…eyes wide open with that increase in the value…

They did list it at 249 with discount to 99 since pretty much the beginning but it was a big jump that was not expected by many.
It has been 2 months since the price increase though.

Even at that price it is pennies compared to the competition. Furthermore the features included are worth way more than that. It’s an absolute steal at $249


nehh the jump was way too big…more than double…from 99 to 249…yizz…

If you don’t think Sambapos is worth it then by all means buy a different one. I doubt your going to find anything as capable for so cheap as $249

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