Cache Update Issue on Custom Entity Field

I’m suprised you haven’t used this before?
it can be very useful when building workflows if you want to fragment it in to sections. Obviously ask question performs a similar function with the buttons becoming the command values where this does it silently with a fixed value.

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I confess I think I miss understood your reference @JTRTech!
So you mean I do not require to create an Automation Command Button under Automation -> Automation Commands ?

I was reading up on Fast Payment Buttons and could not find the Automation Command “ACM Close Settled Ticket” it does not exist in Automation Commands but can be called in a rule by “Execute Automation Command”.

Is this what you mean?

Ah ha - Fast Payment Configuration Task installs a Action: Execute Automation Command and you throw a Automation Command Action Name at this procedure. So this will save the extra step of creating an Unmapped Button - correct?

You just need to pass the New Action to the Execute ACMD Action.
I see emre did say “Execute Automation Command”.

This Beast:

The only time you need to define an automation command is if you want a button. If you do not plan to use a button and simply want it for automation then you should not define it. It works just like states for example with states if you do not need to show the state in a ticket or entity screen then there is no reason to define it. States work just fine inside rules without needing to define one same thing with Automation Commands.

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How do you get around Ask Question then?

The drop down list only features Automation Commands?

LOL you should know by now that drop down lists are never restricted to just options in them.

Answer is I simply type one. The ask question will use what I type.

I was heading there and wondered how I call the Rule which does all the work when ACMD-Executed was called? Do I somehow pass it to the new routine I created for Fast Payments “The Beast Above”?
How do I type that?

Too Funny, Yea-No - just type a Name as it gets picked up by the rule.

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