Caller ID for delivery and collection

I bought a caller id and configured it to work, however i can only use it for deliveries, how would i set for collections aswell? i.e when some rings, caller id pops up, i click on it then a screen displays the options to select delivery or collection. Im sure its possible given how powerful sambapos. Can someone help or point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

Need more info as to how you have implemented the caller id setup and how you are distinguishing between delivery and collection…

I installed the callerid module and it work straight out of the box, all i did was configured it as generic with a com port.

When i ring, the pop at the bottom right shows the customer name and number, when i click on it it goes to the customer search screen where i can see the customer details, name, number, address etc At this screen i can select customer it becomes a delivery order.

What i want to implement is another button at this screen to select it as collection? and have the printer print the “name” and “collection” on the ticket.

Yes but how are you defining dellivery/takeaway on the system?
Ticket Type, Ticket Tag, Ticket State, Entity State, Department?

Ah sorry misunderstood your question.

Im using entity state i think. On the print template i have these:-

{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address} {ENTITY DATA:Customer:PostCode}


1-{ENTITY DATA:Phone}|2-{ENTITY DATA:Mobile}

Im not sure how they work exactly but they work after playing around with it.

It prints out name address and post code along with telephone numbers for deliveries.

How would i implement it so that for collections it prints the name only?

Thanks JTRTech…

All those are are printer tags to call information from the entity.

Do you have any config in place already for delivery/collection or just setup caller ID?

I have not configured anything for delivery and collection. Just Caller ID at the moment. But what im saying without any configurations i was able to get deliverys working and having the customer details pritned on the ticket using the entity fields (printer tags)

Its just implementing the collection part that im stuck and dont really know what to do.

Yes but as far as software is considered this is not a collection its just a ticket and you have not setup any way to define delivery/collection.

Ticket tag would be easy, either manual with a button or automated, maybe on ticket created with ask question sequence.
Once you have something on the ticket to define is its delivery or collection you can then set what prints depending on that tag.
If you just want a title on the ticket of one or the other you can just use {TICKET TAG:xxxx} to show the tag as a title.
If your wanting a different layout you would need two templates, print jobs/actions and then have both actions in the rule where ticket is printed and constrain each to ‘{TICKET TAG:xxx}’ == ‘Collection’ or ‘{TICKET TAG:xxx}’ == ‘Delivery’