Caller id from voip?


Is there a caller id device running with voip? tank you for help .


We are working on a android soluiton for that.

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I’m going to wear the subject with curiosity . Thank you for all you do .
A friend of ours in this form in the development on this issue if you think about getting support. nick name is @Serhatoglu . hawe nice day

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You could use an ATA FXO adapter with existing analog caller ID device. Have tested myself.
You would then either have the ATA as a seccond device on same extension or on seccond extension on a group so it sees incoming call at same time.


@JTRTech tank you for help .


We’ve written a software that sends incoming calls to a virtual com port.
We have shown the virtual com point for the modem port by setting the Generic modem via Samba. It works smoothly.

  • This is only work with Voip central.

There is this hardware available however I have not used it, if it shows up as a COM port you can integrate with SambaPOS.

They are quite expensive, starting at $325 USD!

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An Android App for this is coming with next version in this week. You can use an Android device like a caller id in your store


@VehbiEmiroglu this is nice, however I don’t think it’s what the OP was asking about. An Android caller ID would be for calls coming into a mobile device, not necessarily VoIP. I would imagine if there was a compatible VoIP client for Android and the VoIP call is handled as a call on Android, then it might be a solution - however I believe what he is looking for is a way to use caller ID on a VoIP phone that would not be Android. Like an office phone using VoIP, for example.


The ATA solution would work. I did this when I was testing the theory of linking phone system to samba for PMS intergration to use samba caller ID and scripting to mark a room clean when housekeeping called that extension from the room.
ATA device would turn VoIP to normal analoge which a normal caller ID could be plugged in to.
I tested with a granstream ‘handycall’ or something like that.

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