Caller ID issue with CTI Meteor Plus?


Ok, I think we’re making progress, but not there yet! The problem with the first pattern is that the character before OFF-LINE (In this case a U as per the Putty screenshot) is always random.

The second pattern with new line as the termination string brings up the following:


This is better than before as it’s now grouping the numbers as opposed to separate pop-ups. However because the termination string is new line, I’m guessing it doesn’t pick up the second line where the telephone number is?


Could anyone give me an insight into the syntax used for the Match Pattern field? I would like to try and solve this somehow, it’s the only thing holding back the system from being fully efficient for us.


Solved it! Just took a bit of Googling after I figured out that you use Regular Expressions in the Match Pattern field (I wish I’d known this sooner).

Anyway, to pluck out a UK number, use the following Match Pattern:


Hope this helps other users of the CTI Meteor Plus!