Caller Id Not Working

Unable to create widget screen nothing is showing on entity screen when i right clicked on…

What will you use this device for ?

If u want to use Delivery Service, you must set it first

Show the Putty screen. It is not called Port 20, I think you are confused with FTP port which is 20 in Putty. Which then makes me wonder, when you say it is working in Putty, exactly what is working?

Please share screenshots of Putty settings and show how it is working in Putty.


I am using V4 so in order to use caller id feature should i do all these setup.I already created delivery type and entities but confusing on creating widget screen on entity screen. Pls guide me simple method to use caller Id.

It’s erelivent if you cannot get the card itself working with samba first.
Have you resolved the origional issue? Would be good to say and confirm what the issue was for others and so we know that your mooving to a different stage/question

Ok…I explain you that the caller id cards have been activated and the callers number showing on Putty screen fine…So far Ok…But doesn’t popup.

This is my delivery entity screen

Ok, so show the connection settings that work for putty.

Is possible without creating widget…that delivery services implementation only on v5 na.

Your combining two setups, your topic is about caller ID device which doesn’t require entity screen widgets etc.

Yes there you are …Should be appeared customer details(popup) and redirect to customer search…this i need.

Not quite, the popup will show incoming number and clicking on it takes you to search screen with that number as I remember it.

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You have marked as solved, please describe what you missed so others can use if they are facing similar question.