Caller Id Not Working

Hi guys,

Caller Id feature not working.Activated from service provider and number showing on Putty screen…But no popup on …Using two telephone line connected to two same usb modems.

What is the your local settings ?

Generic Modem > PORT20

Are you sure this port is not being used by another application?

If you see the number in the putty screen and the port setting is correct, it should definitely work.

These settings are missing …
Are your other settings correct in actions and rules ?

Should add rules and action for caller id settings?I don’t know.

Are you using caller id device for the first time ?

Yes sir…This is first time

You can start here

Can i use two model simultaneously coz i have two telephone line.Name Generic modem or CID show?

Of course, but you have to repeat the same process for each modem.

CID Show is the different Caller Id device.
If you have a modem or other device you must select the correct device under the Local Settings. Other actions is the same.

OK…but i am using lenovo modem which i have uploaded above…So Generic model ok for this device.

Sometime getting this messages too

You said you see the number on the putty screen.
What port was there ?

Pretty self explanatory… Port 20 seems very high, how many ports are there…

Number showing on Putty screen is port 20…But sometime when i open sambapos it shows port 20 doesn’t exist

You can change the ports under the windows device manager.