Caller ID USB 56K External Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem

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I have an issue with my caller ID. I am using USB 56K External Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem. it works well on my telephone. However, I installed with different telephone service (Support caller ID). It does not work. It display ring, ring only.

Please help.

You mean you have changed phone provider?

I tested at home. using phone service (Virgin media). it works well.
when I used the same computer, same caller ID device to setup at my shop (this shop using phone service is one bill). it does not work. however, incoming call still displays on the phone.

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This is likely your problem:

Basically BT uses a different standard for caller ID and many modems don’t support it. I believe Virgin Media use a more common standard hence why your modem works on it. I am pretty sure One Bill Telecom are using BT Wholesale, so essentially is BT with BT standards.

Probably you will have to try different hardware, and unfortunately might just be hit and miss - unless you can find on the forum someone who has already used specific modem with a BT line.

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Thanks Markjw, i am not sure which caller device can be compatible with BT phone network.

Are there any body who know about this?

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Voice fax Data modem should work on BT. Are you connecting the modem directly to the phone line and not using any extension lead… I have BT line at home and tested number modems without any issues.

The problem is not the modem working on BT. His problem is the caller ID functionality of the modem isn’t compatible.

I connected directly modem to phone line and also via extension. but it still does not work. I don’t know what happen. I used PuTTy to test. it shows ring ring only.

Here is the caller ID device:

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This won’t make any difference for caller ID functionality

The modem is not compatible with the caller ID standard used on your line. If it worked previously on Virgin Media and now it is not working on One Bill Telecom (BT), there is nothing you can do. The modem is not compatible. To double check you can try it with Virgin Media again. If it works there, then 100% it is your modem not compatible.

For compatibility, you best check online and buy a modem that specifically says it works on BT’s system. For example, here is something I found:

Modems in the UK
If BT in the UK is your TelCo then you are limited to modems made by MainPine, USR (Message Modem External, 56K Professional Message), Zoom UK (3025C), Pace (56k external and internal, Solo external), and Hayes (Optima 56 External). This is because most modems are designed for the Bellcore FSK type of CID sent by North American TelCos. -


However both those links are pretty old I’d say you will struggle to find those specific modems these days.


I have tried several usb modems on BT and had no luck .Bite the bullet and buy the comet from crucible works fine.


For me caller Id not included in a phone service. I need to call provider to activate it for me and pay a few dollars more a month.