Caller id with mobile -3G modem

It is possible to use Sambapos Caller ID function with this mobile Device? It has a mobile number inside, not local line.

Hello Community

Can someone help me about this? It is possible to use "Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem?

If you can somehow pipe that device to a virtual COM port and “talk” to it using PuTTY then maybe. But you need to find a way to communicate with it first on a “lower” level like the OS/COM.

Hello QMcKay
Thank you for answer. This modem uses com3. But very strangely ,“Device” menu is disappeared suddenly to add my modem. :slight_smile:

Main Menu > Samba Market > Caller ID Module > Install

Then restart SambaPOS.

I have now following options to add modem. Which one it is maybe compatible with?


You need to get that ^ solved first. Once you are successful seeing incoming data in PuTTY when the modem receives a call, then you can try it SambaPOS.

Looking at your list of choices, I cannot tell you which one to choose, but solve that ^ first, and when/if you do, try the Generic Modem Device.

I have never dealt with Caller ID, so I am not the best person to ask. Search the Forum for more information and Tutorials / Discussions regarding testing your Device with PuTTY.

@QMcKay I will do it. Thank you very much

I want to know that which version of Sambapos (like v3, v4, v5) is best for 3g USB modem.Please also provide link if possible because after opening downloaded pages link on, I found no download option/button.

Dont think actual caller id bits has changed much for long time, generally they are com devices so pretty basic interface, its only passing caller id.
Not sure how a 3g dongle will be useable for caller id though, do you plug a headset into pc and use a soft phone?

Download latest version of V5 from SambaPOS 5.2.18 Release, then you can follow the steps earlier in this topic to check if your 3G USB modem shows as a COM port and then you can test with Putty to see if it passes the caller ID data.

You can find more details about setting up caller ID in general which includes how to test with Putty here: