CallerID Device without Popup

Can we use callerID device without a popup?
Other that formatting the popup I cant see anything which offers a posible solution;

Terminate string is only thing which sounds posibly along the right lines.
Or alternatively a was to clear the popup after x time or on hangup.

Am trying to sort a basic system for housekeeping to easily mark a room as cleaned.

This is to do with my PMS integration project.

Basicly what I am going to do is have an entity screen with entity for each room, and have the entity state update when receiving a call from the room.
Housekeeping will phone extention ?x?x which will be connected to the caller ID device. The caller ID will be the extention number of the room which samba will use to set the clean state to the corresponding room.

This will be an unattended extension connected to the server machine so no one to click the popup so will be using the device event generated.

HOWEVER is the popup the device event?

The device event generated event for a rule still seems to fire if no one is logged in on samba however all the popups then come up when logging in. Ideally would like to just use the rules to ‘silently’ update the state without the popup.

A little hack… Set Entity Type Name as some entity type that does not exists. For example set it as *. In this case it won’t display a popup but device event generated event will trigger.


Awesome, cheers :smile: