Calling Another Entity Type Screen

So my question is:
Can you call another Entity Type Screen from a Entity Screen?

I have Customers Custom Search Screen.
I wish to avoid having to have “Select Entity Type 2” and “Select Entity Type 3” on the Ticket line as all these Entity Types are related and linked.

The 2nd & 3rd Entity Types will only have “Account Details” activated (maybe select). The screens called are Custom Screens as well with Search Widgets.

Any Thoughts and here is the screen.

Defining this further I really just want access to the ACCOUNTS SCREEN of the related Entity i.e. Bar Wallets as this give me access to Account History and ability to make a Payment.

That is what the Account Details button does.

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Yes @QMcKay - but it Account Details of another Entity Type? I using an automation button to call Change Entity Event and supply a new Entity Type. But it does not work :confused:

You probably need to have the Automation Command fire a Load Entity Action, then a Navigate Action to an Account Screen.

Is there such an Action as I don’t recall one? I am wondering if it is the Search Grid not allowing navigation when its deployed?

Navigate Module is the name of the Action.

It takes different parameters for the Module such as Entity, Account, POS, Workperiod, etc with a second parameter to be more specific about which screen to pull up.

Whether or not you can Navigate to a specific Account, I do not know for sure. You might try using the Account Name as the second parameter to see if it will take you directly to that Account.

Ummm this could be what I am looking for, if Account Screens can be filtered by an Account Name (Entity Name) then might be in business. Just think something is going on with “Search” but won’t know until I give it a try…

Yea - No @QMcKay does not work, I thinking the Search Widget is hard coded and stopping any action other than the ones hard coded by Emre. Thinking more it should not be as I have seen buttons added to the search screen before…

But this does not show the new Button working :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah scratch that - exiting fixed that - sorry Q!

Parameter of “Customer Accounts” not being accepted so I guess could a create a Custom Account Screen and setup filters/parameters to load straight into a Customer Account?
The trick then is navigating back to the Ticket…

Ok- I know this is basic stuff, but now realize you cannot navigate anywhere from an Open Ticket! DUH! - Even if you only have assigned an Entity.

So if I wish to allow payments to Account from the Ticket Screen the only way to do this is keep the Default “Select Entity” buttons right? I want to keep “Select Customer” but wish to UNMAP “Select Bar Wallet” & “Select Prize Wallet” - BUT if I do this I loose access to this screen.

Sample Wallet 2

Everything on this screen is 95% of what I need just to “Wallet 2 & 3”. These are automatically assigned to Customer when a Customer is selected.

My theory was to place access to this screen above on the Custom Search Customer Screen.
Any suggestions?

Can you temporary Close Ticket, Navigate, Reopen Ticket?

I am thinking I may just keep the 2 extra buttons, call them “Pay Wallets” (as there must be 2) and create custom Entity Search Screens with “Account Access Only”. This way Search will automatically Load the attached Wallet. …

PS: Will implement your brilliant Customer Account Statement screen as a Back Office function :smiley:

Yes, you could do that. This is partially implemented from the button at the bottom of the Ticket … it Navigates to the Account Statement custom Entity Screen for that Customer. But in order to do that, it must close the Ticket first.

That button closes the Ticket first then Loads the Entity, and Navigates to the Account Statement screen for that Customer…

If you were bent on re-opening the Ticket after all this, you could store the Ticket Id somewhere along the way and call the Display Ticket Action.

In the example shown above, there is no actual Ticket created yet, so there is no point in re-opening the Ticket. But this still does all work when there are items on the Ticket, so long as the Ticket is Tagged, or there is a valid Entity assigned to the Ticket.

Perfect - great explanation QMcKay , thank you.