Camera Integration WIth Samba


Set the start line tag to something like ticket start… set the same string on Sambapos printer template. Check with putty if your getting that data exactly. If with putty you see that string coming in… then your Dev should too.

With that knowledge try to troubleshoot it…

Step 1. Get any kind of data to come into putty.

Step2. Get start and end characters to show up in putty… step 3. Go to hikvision Dvr and try to play with the start end string and see if you can pull data.


But once i send something to print to dvr putty giving me this error:


My data is coming through on dvr, check the link on top for video but the problem is its not correct.


What’s that text showing up. It should be coming through as simple string. I think you shouldn’t be using html printer type but text or something else.


I tried all the printer types still same.
Now understand my topology first, first of i setup the dvr in which i put ip address and port i.e ( This ip address is the pos ip address. Next step, i added a printer manually and tcp/ip port i.e ( this is dvr ip. So now if i send a normal text from word its giving me incorrect data on the screen.


I get through :grinning:
Just used generic text only driver while installing the printer.
I think i can now make my first tutorial now :sunglasses:
Because i didnt use serail port or any device or a software just simple tricks. I used only LTS DVR LTD8516k-ST.


That’s where I was going through with next. That’s what I did thanks to @JTRTech giving me the idea a while back.


What equipment did you use?


I never put mine in production as it did not meet my needs. I decided to develop my own.

I tasted with milestone xprotect and hikvision up camera


But here i only used dvr and a camera.


Hikvision just came out with that. It did not exist before on most dvrs I dealt with. I just seen it for first time a year ago. I developed that surveillance demo 3 years ago