Camera Integration WIth Samba

Finally I got camera integration working with Samba. Restaurant Theft is officially over!!!

Its quite amazing, it lets you search for “register open” or “waiter name” or even "discount. It pulls up video data on the fly as you scroll through your tickets. This allows you to type register open if your short at the end of the day and catch the theif in a matter of minuets instead of sitting there and watching 14 hours of video. I am linked through a supplier that provided the surveillance software, It is quite expensive but if someone is interested im willing to purchase a license for them and set it up for a fee.


This is awesome, could you provide me with a rough estimate of how much it would cost for the software. Thanks

This is awesome and exactly what i’ve been looking for. How can i get this :slight_smile: ?

interesting how much would it cost to set it up ?

Hello Everyone,

I have been working hard at it not to only get this solution but to get the best approach at this integration. I do alot of restaurant surveillance and most systems my clients pay thousands for and never use because its too complicated. The one I have here is absolutely perfect, so easy to use. You can just type in “register open” and you can see all days register opens in 30 minuets.

Here is cost overview::
1 Milestone Xprotect Camera License $150
1 Milestone Transact License $450
! Serial to Tcp/Ip software license $100
1 Server computer with a decent cpu and 4gb+ ram. Cannot be the same one as the register where it will grab receipts from.
1 IP Camera (Hikvision is pretty cheap and good) $100-$200 (Could find a cheap one of ebay but it needs to be ONVIF Compliant.

My Setup Fee $200 for everything as long as you have samba setup already and can give me teamviewer control and you have enough computer skills to follow my setup directions. Also note that I am an official Milestone reseller so you wont be able to get their software anywhere online unless they sell it illegally.

Also Milestone does offer a 30 day trial for all of the software ($700) so you could give it a try before you buy it but I would still have to charge you labor since the setup is the same.

BTW thank you for your creativity with the print jobs on samba. @emre Your the reason I was able to get this done. How you designed the printing was genious. Now Im just waiting on my sub items and some type of universal order tag button on the side capabillity :smiley: It is features like these that other expensive programs had more then samba but that is all changing :smiley:

Hello eddhasaj

I want to know how did you do it through custom printers?
I have Hik vision NVR and i series also provide pos integration feature and i want to implement it on hik vision nvr.
My basic understanding is if create a print job and print through a com or custom printer with a port assigned to it so in hik vision pos option we could put pos ip and port. So in this way pos will send data to nvr through a port.
Your help would be appreciable.

You have to talk to hikvision to see how they accept the data. Last time I talked to them about that was 9 months ago and they told me the feature was in beta and they couldn’t give me information on it yet. But definitely doable once they let you know.

Which dvr did you used?

I used an windows application by milstonesys

We are soon releasing our own cloud surveillance solution built around sambapos. Its much more advanced then what I did there. The new integration were currently finishing is based around exact event filters. I want to see all checks with bartender name “Jessica” that contained order “Cranberry Vodka”


Very interesting stuff, we use genius vission comunity edition which is great software and comunity version is free however there skd for datalogging required additional paid licences which is a shame.

Could you please tell us when?
And i was reading LTS pos configuration and i learnt that they used a serial to Ethernet converter to send data from pos to dvr by assigning ip to converter. Now what is my understanding that we could send data through serial port by using QMckay customer pole display tutorial. By this way our serial to Ethernet converter get data from pos and now dvr would take data by using converter ip and port.
So correct me where m wrong please.

The only thing i would give attention to is hikvision nvr pos integration feature. Call them and get development information and post it on here. We need detailed documentation on everything from how the nvr understands the data (ticket start/end flags…linebreaks…etc). Also how they accept the data over tcp/ip. I would invest in network integration as vs com integration. The nvr will already be on the same network as pos so no wiring needed. Get all the information from Hikvision Then we can go forward in helping you out.

I expect our cloud surveillance to be ready for public use in under 2 months. We are integrating 100 more secret features inside it. Everything one can imagine for managing a business will be in one packet. Ill show a prototype soon. We are working with AI to catch odd events and time stamp it so that owner can see video footage with for example a customer display leaving bad feedback.

Check this out…

POS Text Overlay Solution.pdf (2.7 MB)

How to configure POS text overlay.pdf (1.5 MB)

Install the com higher program on the Sambapos computer and install putty on another computer. Putty can listen on a port of local ip. Use that to test if and how data is coming through. Check eltima software company they have some cool serial to ip software that might work.

Thats exactly i was thinking :grinning::grinning:


So far what i used is only LTS dvr alone and i get this:

M able to send data through tcp/ip but its not in a correct form. So i tried all character encoding by changing one by one but still same.

If you see thoroughly in video that starting data is fixed not changing as i change letters or alphabets in wordpad.

Any help?

In pos protocol advance settings it have some tag options as you see so i tried to play along with it but still no luck.

Looking at that it’s expecting you to set a start, end and line break tag. The hex option I guess is to set what type of code it is. So your template will need to be using these.
But not sure how it wants to receive unless perhaps it can be fed as if it was a printer in Windows and you can send epos type codes that way… -

I think there is some connection between these two character set and encoding.

Dvr dont have OEM United States only latin 8859.