Can Entity Custom Field be Dropdown List?

I would to have dropdown list in Customer Search Custom Field. Is it possible?
I would like to have the list of Hotel and Address.

EDIT: Turn out any custom fields can be drop down list by using comma separate value. That was easy!

Don’t have an answer but would be interested to see a solution to this, would be handy.

Hmm. I %90 understood what requested but can you give more details about how do you expect it to work? Do you have a pre-built list of hotels and addresses?

I see where your going…
If the address is based on the hotel he could use a query like the postcode lookup.
Although that would still be based on typing the hotel name correctly.

My thought was more along the lines of an independent option, maybe referral method/source or say guest/member type where you would get a list of predefined options for eg on member type - life member, anual member, guest etc

@Sukasem is the master at doing things contrary to recommendations so he might need to explain his use little better so its 100% understood :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to make it easier for server and customer don’t have to find full address. Just click from dropdown list. I have the list of hotel we deliver to.

LOL, actually this one is simple. I was too lazy to type address and hotel name. Hotel like Le Germain (pronounce la ger mae) server can’t spell right always.

BTW, I already combine this to postal code look up. So, I solve myself problem with script again :wink:

Since my request hardly ever filled and I have less patience :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well probably my IQ level is under 30 or something today. I still can’t understand from where we’ll fetch hotel names. Hmm… maybe nowhere :slight_smile: Do you want auto completion like custom product tags?

I doubt you’re asking that but custom field’s value source setting can be a comma separated value list. Like VIP,Member,Regular… etc.

You are thinking too much today :slight_smile: This is just very simple. User just select data from drop down list.
Maybe like Ask Parameter that we can use pipe | to make the list.
For Ex,
Sheraton 123 Main ST SW|Hyatt 300 5 ST SW|…

Like that ?


Yes, That is great. Less typo for user. Or someone else like to add something.

Enter a comma separated list of values to Values setting of related custom field. I thought that was already known so you’re asking something else.

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I thought you could but couldn’t work out what option to choose for field type… String still?

Oh, That was easy. I never known that. Great I can use it right away then. Thank you

BTW, one more question. Custom field only allow 1 query field right? I can’t get second query field to work using same CALL script.

Yes I thought the conversation was going elsewhere to, like:
A SQL Command from Entity(?) that populates the picklist :yum: For large linked tables you could use the characters entered into the field as Filters either left to right AND contained within…

SambaPOS may already contain that feature, apologies in advance if it does.

@emre i get it what you trying to ask me now. you are way ahead of me.
I wondering if we can use something else other than comma. Since I plan to use Value Mapping too and Value mapping thing using comma as well.

I can’t get query (second query field) to work so, I like to put data in drop down list like

Hyatt,300 5 Ave SW,5

So, I can mapping value Address=$2,Delivery Fee=$3. I try semi colon for value mapping but it doesn’t work. Or can you make mapping value take semi colon.

You can store values in a text file (like post code sample) as CSV and use a file name instead of values.

We support printing tags can be used as Value Source. So a {CALL:X} function that runs a sql script can technically be used. Also $1 placeholder can be used to pass entered value as a parameter.


It doesn’t work. No drop down list. BTW, value mapping only work with Query Type right. I already have Postcode Query. I can only have one query working at the time.

Thank you for this answer, it’s help me too for my karaoke member type

Is there any possibility to implement drop down list for house number.customer%20search

I have include few lines of my csv file.

“RH1 1DU”,“Linkfield Lane”,“REDHILL”,“SURREY”,“1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9”,
“RH1 1AA”,“Redstone Hill”,“REDHILL”,“SURREY”,“1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9”,
“RH1 1AB”,“The Belfry Station Road”,“REDHILL”,“SURREY”,“1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9”,

Also here is my query for Postcode
Query in Postcode field: PostCode=$1;Street=$2;Town=$3;Number=$5