Can I connect a sql database online in my webhosting?

Can I connect a sql database online in my webhosting and access for more than one place?

Only if your host is running SQL Server (Express) with:

Allow Remote Connections
TCP/IP connections enabled
SQL Browser running
The proper ports are open on the host

I would expect that performance in accessing the DB over the Internet would be prohibitive.

Most webhosting will not allow this. I personally would never want to do this due to performance. The only kind of hosting where I might see this somewhat working is if you had a host with dedicated server hosting where your sql server is only running your stuff and not shared hosting. This is very expensive and personally would never work well.

Hey Guys - do you think “restaurant34” is trying to host SanbaPOS in the Cloud? I think the only way any POS has worked this way is by the use of replication?

Don’t suppose SambaPOS got to this point as yet?

There are future plans for Cloud but they are still a ways off.

No, I’m not planning to use on a cloud. Just ask if it was possible, because my old software it was like this.
I like, love this software like it is. I’m using without any problems. Updating everyday, amazing.