Can i setup samba server database to connect to limited number of client terminals?

I want know if it is possible to configure samba server database to allow only a limited number client terminal, if yes then how it can be done please help.

There isn’t a feature directly in SambaPOS to do that. There might be ways you could restrict within SQL Server. In theory you also might be able to use rules to limit login / other actions to only certain terminals, or mappings to restrict certain features to specific terminals.

Can you give some more information as to what your intentions are so we can propose some suitable solutions?


If its for multiple terminals you will be using SQL Express.
This is not a samba server/database engine its MS SQL, SQL itself have lots of features but samba itself will not have control over these it is just used SQL Express as a database source.
You can configure all sorted in samba but your more likely to find your answer based on what you said looking on an SQL forum rather than Samba forum, most here will only ever touch SQL Express when they install and then never go back to it.