Can i use samba 5

can i use samba v5 in my restaurant or v3? which is stable ? and after release v5, can i go v3 to v5?
and i want to sale restaurant pos, how to do that?

v3 is old now, I wouldn’t use it personally, generally only see people still using v3 if they are unable to justify hardware upgrade to Win7 or higher supporting hardware as V4 and V5 require .Net version not available in XP

V4 is still readily available and quite likely more than suitable and very stable.
V5 now available to public, have been a few minor bug fix updates but is stable

Depends on your requirements, V5 offers many new features/abilities but if only needing a basic POS system V4 would likely be quite suitable.
Upgrading from V4 to V5 is not a major task and there are clear tutorials on the process if your not sure.

Either way with V4 or V5 would recommend starting with SQL Express to power it - even if a single terminal as makes expanding/upgrading allot easier and is more reliable/powerful and needed anyway if you intend to run multiple terminals.

can i change samba pos logo in v4 for business purpose? v3 is it will be open source ?

In regards to version 3, you can not re brand it and advertise it like you designed it and sell it. If you change source code then you must offer your version of the source for free on Github as a fork of the SambaPOS source.

Version 4 and version 5 will never allow you to change the logo in upper left corner only the login screen logo left of the Pin Entry form can be changed. Version 4 and Version 5 are not and will not be open source.

Version 3 is no longer worked on so any future changes or bugs you will need to fix yourself since you have source code access.

@mkhsojib You have made 2 similar posts asking similar questions. You seem to not understand our answers or is there something we can do to make it more clear for you?

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You can only change the logo on main login screen, you cannot change the window header

yes bro got it, now i am clear
thanks , just tell me if i use v3 , after 30 days is it will be expired ? and how to buy v5?

I am pretty sure I answered that question already.

Did you see the version 5 welcome message? It explains everything you need to know to purchase it.

Hopefully that gives you the answers you seek.

Congratulations for your your hardwork of V%

I would know the features as below

Head office is in main city/location
2 restaurants are located in 2 different location
Management wants to monitor the transaction of both restaurants at Head office same time that consolidated revenue report, Individual restaurant revenue report, Inventory System, Kitchen activity, Labour activity and etc.

Is the above features available in Samba 5 or older version?

Please advise me


Multi location / head office support is not available at the moment, however may be in a future version.