Can I use Samba to generate draw tickets for sale that are numbered sequentially and tracked?

I am using Samba to sell admission to an event. When the customer pays for the admission, I would like to be able to offer draw (raffle) tickets for sale. I would like to have Samba sequentially generate and track the raffle ticket numbers. I would also like the tickets printed out in duplicate. The customer drops one in a draw bucket and keeps the other.

Can this be done in V4 or will I need V5. The tracking of the numbers is not really necessary but desired.

You would use a number generator, and you could make it print 2 copies.

I guess you would start from 0001 and then you would know how many you sold because of the last number coming out? Then, you would probably use an online random number picker?

Doable anyway

A bit of detail there, although you wouldn’t want random