Can i use SambaPOS 4 For personal use without printing tickets?


I just download sambapos 4 and i wanna use the pos for personal restaurant inventory and managing the sales. I want to settle ticket without printing. Even i just wanna use one table. Always when i click settle or print bill the table i’m using is with color like the ticket still open. How can i close this ticket and end it without printing. Thank you

To not print tickets there are a couple of ways to do this, one way is to go to Manage > Settings > Print Jobs, edit the print job and remove all mappings. Or alternatively you can just go to Manage > Settings > Printers, select the printer and delete the “Printer Share Name / Port Name” (i.e. make it blank). You can also remove the print actions from Rules but I think the first option is the most straightforward if you are a new user.

The table will only remain open (i.e. not be white) if you have not settled payment.

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But how can i settle the table. Always after settle is showing me the table still open and the table number still with color not wite

Select table > add items to ticket > click settle > make full payment > ticket closed and settled fully.

Is this not what you are doing?

You must have messed with States. Did you change this rule?

Or this State?

Im doing exactly the same

Is the ticket still there or just the state not updated to available?
If ticket closing properly kendash shows most likely reason.