Can not activate my licence on a new computer

allo je vien d installer sambas sur un ordi tout est bien le hic cest quand j essaye de me loguer sur ma base de donnee apres avoir entre mon mot de passe et mon email l option installer ne devein pas plus foncer sur sambas market

This is an English forum but i think you are speaking French? Did you buy a license from a reseller?

no I buy directly on samba pos

Ok so you bought it a long time ago on the market. The market does not exist anymore. Email and ask them to move your account to you can reset your key there.

I buy it in march 2019

Do you have a cp account? Log in to it and reset your key.

ok thanks I will try that we keep in touch I resd about sambas a lot but still have a cople of issue

did I need to be on the same wifi of my server

No, clearing keys is online and not relevant to where pos is. Samba will need to be online to activate though.
When changing pc or db you should;
Log out of market in samba
Login to
Clear licence keys
Login to market in samba
Activate licence.

did that … work but not seeing me loging whit my menu I’m home not at therestaurant

License key has nothing to do with your menu.

ok so how I connect my device for having everything I already did on my main computer

Hello @AngelsAndDemons,

In order to reactivate your license please apply steps of below document;

If you are trying to connect a terminal computer to your main pc then you can achieve it by following below document;


alredy did, work but not have the green connect on my device

and on mi other device I’m connect in the corner but just beside the samba logo its said unregistered trial

Green connect is for message server. It doesnt have anything to do with the actual system unless you need message server.

Here is a document to explain message server.

I highly recommend reading the knowledgebase and learn about how to setup multi terminals.

i have been reading since the last 5 month… my fist language is french and im not really good whit computer … but i mostly did it… little by little… my issues are littles but need for having everything fonctional can i have a punch in & ou rate daily

I faced the same issue and i tried others way to succeed and they are showing the right path.