Can not change colour of table with version SambaPOS 4.1.82

I integrate category and menu

And I user default database which is created by code-first approach

and I also done setting regarding new order status setting

but when I create new order it not change colour of table,
I also integrate kitchen display but I not reflecting same

please help me out form this problem

Did you change any Action or Rules?

What exactly you did in “new order status settings”?

Show us your Entity Screen configuration as I can see you changed that one, you edited name of entity screen and added 2 different entities? Show us those ones.

Not at computer but if I remember right you need to set ‘Display State’ on the entity screen settings to ‘Status’ (most likely unless you have altered default rules.

I check all setting,Action, rules and all. I not find any changes

I am using sambapos-4-1-82 but I cant change table colour when I create new order,
and also not able to see in kitchen

Here are two “table entity” because I am using this for test environment and after I add more entity

Here is database (305.2 KB)

Gokul Hirani

Order is not made until ticket is closed. By default orders state change to submitted when ticket is closed. So entity screens will never be able to see New Order status because that status is before ticket is closed. Once ticket is closed Ticket Status changes to Unpaid and orders Status changes to submitted. So to sum it up you cant use New Orders for Entity Screens that status is only available before an actual ticket is made. Entity screens will only show a ticket that’s been submitted.

Please explain what your trying to accomplish we can help guide you.

PS: We do not encourage you to put your database out in public. We would rather help you learn how to fix your problems so the community benefits and grows. Another reason is your database contains everything including possible private information.

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Show a screenshot of Entity Screen inside “Manage” and make sure to show all fields, just like @JTRTech said I too think that you simply didnt write “status” in “Display State” field, and thats why its not working.

So go to Manage - Entities - Entity Screens - Open Entity … go to Entity List

On Display State, did you write “Status” ???

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He will never be able to see New Orders state on Entity Screen this state only happens before ticket submitted. Entity screen can only show submitted tickets.

It would be better if he simply explained what he is trying to do. What business flow.\

EDIT: I was confused by what he was asking. I wanted to clear up something. New Orders ticket state can work with Entity screen but New Orders order State can not.

I think he is just confusing everyone, I dont think he wants to see New Order state … I think when he adds products and closes the ticket the entity simply does not change color, is all. But I might be wrong.

Would be good if he explained his flow yes.

I suspect the same thing but that is why he needs to explain his flow he wants to accomplish. It could be something simple.

yes I type status

I made all changes as I show in old reference database

can you explain me if any change I required in database

Read what I have told you. New Orders state will not work for changing color in Entity Screen. If you explain what your trying to do we can help you further.

I need to change colour when I enter new order. I need to change yellow colour when I click on close button of order screen

lets clear up some confusion. You do not need it to change color when you enter new order. What you really mean is when you press close button the order changes to yellow?

Can you share your flow please the entire thing. What do you want to happen from moment you start order until its paid.

Do you want it to change color again when print bill pressed? Do you want it to change color on other actions?

If you can share your work flow we can help you better.

yes, you understand My issue

I am talking this close button

Ok so tables should already do that by default… did you change something?

I understand your need now. It sounds like you modified something and New Orders ticket state is not updating properly.

yes when click on print bill It change colour

Did you modify any rules or actions that has to do with states?

yes I add two order state

order ready and delivered

Thats not what I asked. Did you change any rules and actions specifically Ticket Closing Rule or Update New Order Entity Color rule?