Can not install sambapos v5 on a pc

I installed sambapos on a computer at the end I received the message which is on the image. for so much before installation i uninstalled the antivirus and disabled the firewall. please i would like to know how to fix this problem.
thanks a lot for your help
I’ve download the file true this link.

What version of windows are you using?

Windows installer can’t find the regf.exe to execute at the end of the installation processes to register the font used by SambaPOS.

Download again the installer from the official source and retry.

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I’m using Windows 10

Are you using a Windows account that has admin rights? (i.e. not a “Standard User”) ?

Hello everyone
I was able to solve the problem of installing sambapos on a workstation. i have configured the mail server. I wanted to connect another station (station B), as soon as I fill in the connection parameters the word “connected” appears but I cannot see the information on my restaurant (menu, tables, report, etc … ).
please how to solve this problem ??

Message server has nothing to do with connecting multiple terminals. All messag server does is allow color updates of tickets for states.

You must install SQL Server Express 2019 and connect the terminals with the connection string from Local Settings > Database

Here is instructions to correctly setup multiple terminals.

2.1.3.a. SQL Express Server Setup – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Thanks for yours answers

If by resetting you mean wiping the sales and transaction data, you can use Database tools for that. Manage > Settings > Database Tools

By deleting the MDF file you have deleted your database, entirely. Its in a loop because there is nothing to load.

You should probably contact to assist you with this.


There should never be an easy way to clear immutable financial records/information.