Can not Save and Print all Report

Hello I have problem with my sambapos. Every thing is work well but just report is have problem .
All my report like work period , items sale, cost report , inventory …it mean all and also can not export data too…Any one have this same problem …What this problem come ? and any solution ?

Thank all for Sharing …

It is probably a language barrier but I really do not know what your problem is based on what you have said. Can you try to explain your problem a little more clearly?

Are you saying you can not Print any reports?

hello, I mean When i go to Reports > and click to see any report and then want to “Save” or “Print”
is not open any dialog .

You set the report printer in the terminal options, do you have terminal specified for that machine in local and does that terminal name have a report printer name selected?

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Hello @JTRTech I don’t understand your question ? I used to install in on my own computer everything is work well , print or save report also no problem when i click it open dialog to ask for filename and choose location . But now i install on my Cafe shop ( On window 7 and desktop dell ) and it happen a problem with this. When i go to Reports and want to save or print any report it seem no dialog popup and no file was print or save. One more thing in the navigate of Export data when i click export sale data also nothing happen…

Its probably popping up but behind the window. Try minimizing SambaPOS and see if dialog was behind it.

Thank you @Jesse I follow you now i can see dialog but i still have a problem with Save and Export Sale Data still not popup dialog for me …

Hello @JTRTech Thank for your clue of report printer in the terminal options . I try to do this now my print button work …but Save Button not work …and I still Can’t export my data to excel …Can you help more what this problem come ?

What is the problem? It can only save in csv which can be opened in excel is it not doing this? In version 4 your restricted to only a specific report in csv not all of them. YOu would need to upgrade to v5 if you want to export all your reports. CSV builder is all that v4 supports and its only for sales data nothing else.

You wont be able to export Work Period report or any of the other reports to excel with version 4 that is only supported in version 5.

But i can do this in my personal computer that i use laptop it also use version 4…

Only sales data can be exported in v4 not work periods. Screenshots might help us understand you better.

yes i mean this one only …