Can Order Tag "Header" and "Description" be printed in the ticket?

Try reading the list of template tags :wink:
This is the list of Order Tag expressions;

--Order Tag Value Values-- 
{ORDER TAG PRICE} Order Tag Price
{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE} Order Tag Total Price
{ORDER TAG RATE} Order Tag Rate
{ORDER TAG QUANTITY} Order Tag Quantity
{ORDER TAG NAME} Order Tag Name
{ORDER TAG NOTE} Order Tag Note
{ORDER TAG DESCRIPTION} Order Tag Description
{ORDER TAG LABEL} Order Tag Display Label

Description is listed and at a guess maybe try label for header.


Must be a misspelling that I have. Some how this one does not work, that’s why I asked.

Also found that the {ORDER TAG LABEL} prints the "Header’ in the GUI

It works in the [ORDER TAGS] sections only. You can’t just use it anywhere.