Can samba support a German line printed on payment recepit and 80 mm ticket printing

I have only couple of days to select a POS system. I liked first impression of SAMBA, however can samba support a line of German to be printed on a 80 mm payment receipt with currency as CHF?

Thx for your time.


Samba has no predefined currency, the values of orders are just values and you will see that there is no £ $ etc onscreen.
The currency prefix/suffix is put into the print template and can be anything.

A line is quite vague, what line are you wanting to be in a different currency?

just want following line to be printed in german on payment recepit
"Thank you for eating in xyz restaurant.
our tax number is 980797897 "

Just type it in German on your receipt template

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What’s there to support?
Printer templates are very flexible and can be pretty much completely customised.
Just put that in the ticket template.
If your struggling have a read of one of the many ticket template tutorials.

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