Can Samba use serial? Or open Batch file

I had a great idea, use an Arduino to control status indicators. i.e. have led’s light up dependent on product status.

I know I can send serial commands over batch script and I recall you can open progams, or .bat files from actions in samba. So Lets say I had a led to show if a workperiod was open, so my employee would only try logging themselves in if the blue led was on. What I think I would do is when a workperiod is started I run the batchscript to turn on the led and when it is closed I run a different script which turns the led off.

Does anyone see any issue in what I am hoping to achieve?

I see no issue, because yes, you can run a program or execute a BAT file using the Action Start Process.

In V5, you can also run programs in JScript with the following helper, and even capture a “return” value:

var r = file.For('c:\folder\mybatchscript.bat').Starter().Execute();

Would this work with something like jscolor.js file? It’s a colour picker that I want to use in the config task I’m building

Shivan I will respond in your other post but I think your complicating it tad too much.