Can/should a recipe inherit the fixed's cost from another recipe/product?

Hi there, I’ve got a question related to the fixed’s cost of a recipe.

So for example I have a recipe called

chicken stir fry:

  • Tracked inventory: Chicken, stir fry sauces.

  • Non-tracked item such as vegetables( as mixed vegetables are used, vegetable type’s ratio are base on season so we used a rough average estimate as 'fixed cost' ), misc item such as sugar and salt seasoning, gas cost per dish, etc. as fixed cost.

My question is that I’m unable to assign a fixed cost to Non-tracked product’s recipe, and have that cost inherited by the main recipe that included that product?

In other word, I wanted to track some of the product’s cost such as mixed vegetables, misc (such as gas & container cost, etc.) without tracking its stock by having product’s fixed cost inheritable. I personally think it’s more natural to make these inhiritable anyway.

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Another reason I’m asking this is because I think it’s more new-end user friendly to develop warehouse this way.

For example, I believe making inventory tracking gets a bit more intuitive/ and more scalable if you categorise ingredients as sub-product group from top-down level.

But inventory tracking is a complicate task that probably requires a lot of time to complete. So like the picture below, it would be really convinient to initially assign ball-park estimate the individual fixed-cost on each of these sub-product, then later fine-tune them with more thorough inventory items over time.

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I think I solved that but couldn’t find time to entirely test yet. I’ll be glad if you can check on next update.


No problem, is the fix applied to beta 5.1.61 18/10/2016 version ?

If it is, then I don’t think it’s working on my end just yet when I tested (I’ll test thoroughly again when I get home to see if I misconfigured something). If that’s not the one then i’ll gladly test it when it’s released

No, he said next update.

Me and my barely functional English comprehension lol. Thanks for pointing that out