Can someone help me to configure/develop the samba POS for Food Establishment?

Good day I need to configure Samba 4.0 or 5.0 for a take away and order/delivery food establishment. I am currently renovating and i am schedule to open on the 4th of Jan 2016 and I am no way close to configuring SambaPOS. The hardware I am using is HP TX1 POS 120 System. Any one interested can reply to this post with there contact information or email

Thanking you in advance,


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What kind of feature set are you looking to have in your setup?

Brief Synopsis

We serve Breakfast and lunch. Please see attached for Menu listing.

Currently there are only walk-in (Takeaway ) ,  Call in orders and pickup, and order and delivery Customers.
I don't really need tables bookings and  for now but will need it in the near future. 
I would like to give a coupon for each lunch purchase and after 10th Lunch the 11 lunch would be 1/2 off the price.
There is a fee for delivery to the public but for registered members delivery is free. 
Company Logo address and telephone number on Customer Receipt with amount the customer paid and change received.
Want to keep track of inventory going in and out.
Insert a default price for now and can always change it . 
Payment options Cash, Lynx payment (debit card), Credit Card, Coupon. 
There are two cashiers and two admin.
MSR cards for members (optional, Thought / Idea) 

Feel free to make any suggestions that you may think may be beneficial to setting Samba.

Samba Menu.pdf (281.4 KB)