Can someone help me to configure/develop the samba POS for my cafe?


I need help in configuring the samba POS for my cafe. I’m not sure what kind of information you would need to help me with this - but I will write a little something about my cafe;

It’s called Magic Flakes Cafe, located in Dubai, it’s a small cafe that will have 4 tables inside, but I wont need to have the table system configured, I’m just looking to put the products on the menu in the samba POS system, I will need to make inventory, monthly inventory checks / profit / revenue. I have pictures to put in the menu as well - I basically want the system to be very easy to use, and straight forward. I will be having 4 workers, but there wont be any tips or anything involved in the system, the cafe is mostly going to have a take out menu, and the service fee is already included with the product price. I will need two accounts, one is for admin (myself), and the other is for all of the staff, they will all be accessing the system through one account. I will need to see data, like what product was fast-moving or slow-moving or anything like that.

Bottom line is, I want the system to be easily used by the staff of the cafe, pretty straight forward, more like a button clicking pad with pictures. For this POS, I bought a touch screen monitor. Everything will be done through this POS, cash tray is not used as we dont have one, but we need the system to keep track of things and reports.

Please let me know if you need to know about anything else!


Sindiya I.


Interesting, no cash drawer? Where do you put your money you collect?

It’s going to be in a drawer with a lock, everyday my PRO will collect the money and put it in the cafe’s bank. Because it is such a small cafe, we dont require a cash drawer. Maybe in the future once we expand :slight_smile: @kendash

Any idea how I can get help with the system? I’m willing to pay for it.

I spent a few days reading the forum when I was new to Samba and it helped me get a very good understanding.

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Please pm me your teamviewer id&pass so I can help you out

I will help you

My Email will be

Kindly contact me
Gokul Hirani

I dont have teamviewer ID, where can I get that done? Can you please give me your email so that I send send info there?

Thanks!! @pizzaeilat4

Ok I just created a teamviewer and downloaded it,

ID: magicflakes

Please email me at