Can someone migrate by database?


I’ve been trying for a while and have tried a few tutorials but i can’t get to migrate the SQL Compact database to SQL server. I think that there must be some issue with my SQL installation. I’ve already spent days on this and don’t want to spend more time. If i email the database file, can someone please convert the database for me? It will be much appreciated.

I’m willing to try for you
pm me your db

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Unfortunately I can not convert your file :blush:
There is probably some issue related to this file
With my file it works without problems.
I suggest you ask @emre to
Check the file for you.
He is an amazing person and always happy to help. whenever I presented him a problem he solved it immediately :wink:

@pizzaeilat4 just wanted to let you know that issue resolved. Thank you for your attention.

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Recently I get a lot of error messages and program crashes when Windus kept offering me test and debug.
It seems that this is related to SQL Server.