Can we do State 'IS NOT' on Automation Command Mapping?

Couldn’t find anything on forum but is it possible to do an ‘is not’ mapping for enabled/visible?
If not is it possibly to look into?
Think it would have to be a matches style AND ie;
*,Status!=Hold (any status exc hold status)
New Orders,Unpaid,Hold!=Active (New Orders & Unpaid status’ but only if Hold status = Active
Or for most flexability exchange commas for && and ||
Am trying to keep the ticket screen as clean as possible but stripping buttons seems harder than adding them :smile:

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i think your over thinking the states. It’s really simple. Map to a state or use empty state. Status= for example maps to any ticket with blank Status state. Remember it does not know what states are being used until you tell it.

Also remember there are ticket states, entity states, and order states. If mapped to order line then obviously we’re talking about order states. If mapped to ticket then ticket states are in play.

You should explain what your trying to do better. I think your trying to specify when your buttons show based on states. If you can show which buttons and why and when we can help better.


Was originally in relation to the hold/unhold setup, have adjusted by setup to achieve what i wanted but my thought is that obviously generally most buttons are mapped in relation to the basic status states New Orders, Unpaid etc.
But if you have a specific situation you wanted to hide a button it would be relitivly easy to set an additional ticket state under different state name that status and map it as isnot than to start messing with the main status states.

Say for example I wanted to hide my fast pay buttons when bill was over £20, rather than have a state added to every ticket on stat you can just have an over £20. Am just thinking it would reduce the number of additional actions and rules to manage the state.

i have try this

for resettle ticket

What @JTRTech is talking about is different. He is talking specifically about automation command button mapping to States. JTRTech your over thinking it. You do not need an Is Not mapping option. In fact its more simple than you think. Its simply looking for direct match so if you use Status=New for example it will map it to New State of Status. If you use Status= it will map it only when State of Status is blank.

No this is not quite correct, yes its true that by default these states are what is used the most but that does not mean that is the main purpose of it. In fact you can use any State for example if you made a State Group called GStatus you could use GStatus=Blah

Truth is you do not have to mess with the default defined states at all if you dont want too.

That was a bit confusing I am still not sure how you expect to accomplish that with simple mapping.

What do you mean by this? I am confused where you said can just have an over £20. Have a what?

Think he means if the ticket total is greater than £20 he wants the fast cash button to ‘disappear’ so it cant be pressed

I have them constrained so when pressed a message appears sayin ticket total is greater than fast cash amount and it will not allow part payment using a fast cash button. I think you have done something similar @Jesse but i think he wants the button to physically disappear so it cannot be pressed therefore no message needed to say you cannot use fast cash button when ticket total is greater than fast cash amount

He can do that if he defines a Ticket state that activates when Ticket Total is greater than £20. It can be anything for example he could set it as FCStatus and map the button to FCStatus= Use Ticket Total Changed event to change that state to FCStatus=Active once ticket total is past £20.

What that mapping does is it allows the button to be visible as long as FCStatus is empty. Once FCStatus becomes Active the button will disappear.

Personally I think that might confuse cashiers if buttons start randomly disappearing. Like you I simply just restricted the use of the button.


I agree and it makes your pos screen look neater without ‘missing’ buttons lol