Can we get [?prompt] and hover format to work on custom keyboard?

@emre any chance on getting [?prompt] to work with custom keyboard?

Ive redesigned my price override system using menus with custom keyboard and custom product buttons. The flow is press price override, select the order, key in the new price and press the price override reason button. this then changes the price and adds the override reason as an order state. this works perfectly for the defined reason buttons, what id like to do is use the Other (Specify Reason) button with the [?prompt] to open a keyboard to type a reason that isnt listed on one of the buttons and add that as an order state

if i add the prompt expression to the custom keyboard it doesnt bring the popup keyboard up it just adds the expression as the order state

Heres images of the flow:

Order added

press price override button

select item, key in new price (i typed 5.00) and select reason to apply (ive selected manager override)

This works fine, however if i press my other reason button with the [?prompt] this is what happens, the order state just displays the prompt. i want the prompt keyboard to open so whatever i type becomes the order state

custom keyboard setting

im going to update my discount setup the same way so would be handy to be able to manually type additional reasons that arent any of the buttons displayed on the screen

Can we also get the <hover> tag to work in the custom keyboard settings along with font, size, panel etc?

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Would you not put the prompt in the price change action of the rule triggered by the button?
Arent these values in custom keyboard just the equivilent of automation command values? ie string iput value? hence the lack of prompt?

Tried that as well but doesnt work

After the name of the auto command theres a colon where you put the command value so ive left that blank and put thr prompt in the action in the rule instead but it doesnt work, the price changes but the prompt doesnt come up

Unless i need to put [:commandvalue] in the custom keyboard format in my menu and leave the prompt in the action, dunno if that will work ill try it tonight

Wheres the conmmand value coming from? the button?
Guessing its ‘Command:Value’ in the custom keyboard format?

You said the price is updating? Im guessing its getting the price change value from the numberpad value right?

Price from keyboard entry yea, command value is part of the setting “string” for each button made using the custom keypad settings.

It comes after the colon right at the end of the setting “string” on each button so if i manually type :manager override on the manager override button setting it will add the order state manager override

If i do :missing parts it adds missings parts as the order state

This workd great for those “static” buttons but for the Other button i dont want a set value like i do for manager override etc i want to be able to use the prompt to enter a reason

Im not sure if i can do this with the custom keyboard setup on a menu

Cant see why could wouldnt be able to once its triggered a automation command executed rule it should not be any different to any other button/automation…

Im gunna have another look at it tonight see if i can figure it out

Hover tags would still be a good addition though

Fixed it! Had the wrong auto command in the custom keyboard settings, i spent that long looking at it i couldnt see my error

So all we need now is the Hover tag to be enabled for the custom keyboard, is this something that can be done @emre?

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