Can we have the product modifier in two languages?


In order to support having product manes in two languages we use the {ITEM TAG} or {PRODUCT TAG} which is working great but what about the needs to have the product modifiers in two languages also. How we can implement that?

Looking for some thing similar to this in the end

Dears @emre @Jesse your support always appreciated

Order tag now has description column to store second language or other info.

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@nkahat1 you can read our community guidelines for using mentions here.

Thanks Emre for reminding me about community Guidelines… i thought that as we already bought the V5 license we can get more attention and quick support

The license fee helps make Sambapos possible. It enables much more advanced features and sets them up for the resources needed to keep features coming that’s requested.

None of us are paid for support we are a community and it’s just basic respect to follow guidelines. If you take the time to understand how version 5 is different and how much more it can do vs previous versions then you would realize that the small fee is not enough and we are very fortunate to have Emre and his team that allows this project to continue with so small of a revenue stream.

I may be biased as well but I’ve used paid support for things before and none of those options has ever been as good or fast as the help this community offers.

totally agreed.

the help that we get here from every one is what make SambaPOS different.

its not only software its really a community

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@nkahat1 V4 or V5, being a SambaPOS user is enough to receive my attention and support here. I’ve always approached all SambaPOS users issues like my own business issues and paid extreme attention to their questions without thinking they paid or not. I’ll keep doing that. If you’re unhappy with what you’re receiving for your money you can explain us that clearly under a separate topic so we can try to fix that for you. Otherwise there is no need to remind you paid for V5 under your questions.

People asking nicely explained questions, following tutorials and helping other people will always get top priority from community.

PS: New users can read detailed explanation about V5 license here. Welcome to SambaPOS 5

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Yes, This is possible.
I use this with the Kitchen display setup, but you can use the same on the printer template.
Use order tags for the second language.

<J>*** {ITEM TAG:EN}
{ORDER STATE:Note to Kitchen}

Use Custom Tags to create this

Thanks Emre for explanation…as one of the Sambapos community members we will be always appreciating what have her and the nice cooperation and support we get from every member.

The Money is not the case her as what we already get for past years till now deserve more than that. We already get the V5 license and we will be happy to pay what ever required to keep this community model for ever because it’s deserve that.

Your personal support to me before was the reason to be familiar with the software and being one of this community.

However, I’m apologize if their for any misunderstanding her

@Peter_Cijsouw in your last screenshot you have EN,VN in the Tag: field?
Am curious - what does this achieve? Have never used that field.
The {ITEM TAG:EN} and {ITEM TAG:VN} would work anyway wouldnt they?

I use the Item Tag for the Kitchen Display to separate EN (English) and VN (Vietnam) Language to display the English screen for the Chef and and VN for the VN kitchen staff.
I indicate the dishes to be prepared by the VN staff or combination.

I get the language bit but I mean the EN,VN in the Tag: field?
Or am I misunderstanding…

Ok if I only put VN inside it will only be displayed on the VN screen en not on the EN screen

Arrr, ok got it now :smile:
Could you just post a sample constraint using that?
Does it see the comma separated as two values or do you define EN , VN and EN,VN?

Thanks Peter its work with me.
Also, as mentioned by Sukasem we can use the order tag description to do the same to the product modifiers.

Only one more this still needed in our case, how we can do the same to the product portion. Which I used to give chance to to select if this product is small sandwich or big one as example

Only with script for now, until @emre add portion description field.

function secondLanguage(PortionName) {
    switch(PortionName) {
        case 'Large' :
            return 'Your Language for large';
        case 'Small' :
            return 'Your Language for small';
            return PortionName;

Then {CALL:YourHandleName.secondLanguage(’{PORTION NAME}’)} in printer template


lol great solution. Script support rescues the day when there is no choice :slight_smile: